Astoria Espresso Machine

Astoria Gloria Lever

Piston (or lever) operated espresso machines. One of the few manufacturers of commercial espresso machines to still offer a full line of piston operated espresso machines. These dependable and affordable machines are particular appreciated by the experts for brewing personalized shots of espresso. Piston machines also find applications in espresso coffee vans, trailers and in areas without electricity.

Indeed the Astoria Gloria "AL" series can be equipped*with a poweful gas (propane or city) heating system with push button ignition that allows usage of the machine without electricity when connected to direct water.

*kit gas sold separately...

Gloria Pricing:

Model(s): AL 1 AL 2 AL 3 AL 4
MSRP: $6200.00 $8400.00 $10500.00 $12700.00
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Astoria Lever Specifications:

Model(s): AL 1 AL 2 AL 3 AL 4
Boiler Capacity
(in Quarts):
7 10 18 24.5
Frame Construction: Electroplated steel assembled without welding.
Steam Wands: Stainless Steel
Outer Body: Baked enamel steel with painted ABS side panels. Connecting hoses, rechargeable water softener and three portafilters supplied with machine (one single and two double spouts).
Color options: Metalic Black
Voltage, Single Phase, 60 Cycle: 110V 220V 220V 220V
Rated Amperage: 19.4 Amps 18.2 Amps 23.2 Amps 24 Amps
Heating Element: 2000W 4000W 5000W 5000W
Total Wattage: 2330W 4330W 5330W 5300W
Electrical Cord Length: 6 ft.
Width: 23 in. 31.5 in. 41 in. 50.5 in.
Depth: 22 in.
Height 23 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs) 22.5 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs) 23 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs) 23 in. (w. 4" adjustable legs)
Cup Height 7.5 in. (Group head to drain tray)
Top cups holding surface: 11.25 x 17.5 in. 11.25 x 25.75 in. 11.25 x 35 in. 11.25 x 44.5 in.
Net Wt.: 122 lbs 155 lbs 195 lbs 236 lbs
Shipping Wt. w. Water Softener: 160 lbs 200 lbs 244 lbs 294 lbs

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