La Marzocco - High Quality Espresso Machines

Handmade in the finest Italian tradition, La Marzocco machines feature twin stainless boilers and patented saturated group design for extremely stable temperature and steam pressure control. The raised group height accommodates varying cup sizes, and the custom-made stainless steel steam wand's construction ensures the wand won't bend, break, corrode, or flake. These and other unique characteristics offer superior reliability and performance.

La Marzocco GS/3

Learn more about each LaMarzocco model - the FB80 the Linea and the GS/3!

What Makes La Marzocco Espresso Machines Unique?

  • Two Boilers. One high capacity boiler is for brewing and the other is dedicated to milk steaming, ensuring an accurately controlled brewing temperature and an ample amount of available steam.

  • Saturated Groups. These unique groups are welded to the boiler and enable one continuous mass of water to extend up from boiler and into the groups. This ensures temperature stability with high volume machine usage.

  • Stainless Steel Boilers. This high quality material conducts heat well, won't change shape, corrode, or flake, and is less prone to scale build-up.

  • Steam Boiler Ball Valve. Cutting off flow of steam to one wand at a time eliminates downtime by enabling repair of the steam wand on one side of the machine while the other wand is perfectly operational.

  • Increased Cup Height. Accommodating the tall paper cups of today's modern bar and ideal for the to-go environment, this feature saves steps and the crema from needing to be poured out into a larger cup before it reaches your customer.

  • Auto Dosing System. On automatic models, a microprocessor driven, programmable dosing system ensures consistency in brewing shots, resulting in consistent beverage quality and increasing customer loyalty.

  • Back-up and By-pass Features. Technicians can check and service many of the primary functions of the machine without stopping espresso production. This uninterrupted production means less downtime and less loss of revenue.

  • Quick Open and Close Steam Wand. The spring-activated steam valve enables smooth operation with minimal effort. This system limits gasket wear and enhances the physical comfort of baristas by reducing strain from repetitive motion.

  • Custom-made Stainless Steel Steam Wand. Stainless steel construction ensures the wand won't bend, break, corrode, or flake. It is designed to last as long as the machine, saving you money.

  • Omni-directional Steam Wand. It is fully articulated to accommodate individual barista's working method, generating more sales and profits from increased barista productivity.

  • Anti-siphon Steam Wand Valve. Preventing milk from being sucked into the boiler when a vacuum occurs, the valve avoids the unsavory and expensive process of removing and cleaning the boilers.

  • Automatic Water Fill Sight Glass. Boiler water is automatically kept at optimal volume through a regular influx of water, and can be viewed through a sight glass. This prevents the very costly problem of a boiler running dry, keeping recovery time down so coffee can be served without interruption.

  • State of the Art Electronics. High-end Italian craftsmanship is reflected in the higher quality electronics. These better materials offer more consistency in all functions, resulting in fewer machine problems and decreased overall service costs.

  • NSF 4, UL 197 Approvals. Health department regulations and standards are already met so your machine is ready for operation at time of installation. This saves you significant time during the inspection process.

  • Tall Legs. Ensures counter can be kept clean underneath machine, saving time and awkward maneuvering. Clean counters are not only appreciated by health inspectors, they are a confidence-builder for customers, too.

Learn more about each LaMarzocco model - the FB80 the Linea and the GS/3!

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