Rio - High Quality Espresso Machines

Manufactured near Venice in Northern Italy, RIO espresso machines come in a wide range of sizes, with the option of automatic or semi-automatic. Stainless steel steam wands are quick opening, fully rotating, and easy to use with any steaming pitcher. RIO's reliability, durability, and track record combined with affordable pricing make it the ideal machine for many espresso bars.

What Makes Rio Espresso Machines Unique?

  • Longevity and Durability. RIO's components are continually upgraded but remain compatible from year to year, making part replacement more economical than replacing the entire machine.

  • Submerged and Removable Heat Exchanger. Keeping the brewing water at a more stable temperature, this also prevents direct contact between the exchanger and the hottest part of the boiler and can be easily removed for repair or replacement.

  • High Quality Brass Group. Espresso quality is increased when water temperature is stabilized on its way to the coffee.

  • State of the Art Electronics. High-end Italian craftsmanship is reflected in the higher quality electronics. These better materials offer more consistency in all functions, resulting in fewer machine problems and decreased overall service costs.

  • Automatic Water Fill Sight Glass. Boiler water is automatically kept at optimal volume through a regular influx of water, and can be viewed through a sight glass. This prevents the very costly problem of a boiler running dry, keeping recovery time down so coffee can be served without interruption.

  • Quick-open Rotating Steam Wands. Because they are easy to use and maneuver with any size pitcher, these wands reduce physical strain and increase barista comfort and satisfaction.

  • Stainless Steel Steam Wands. As stainless steel doesn't break, bend, corrode, or flake, RIO's wands are extremely durable and last a very long time.

  • Removable Body Panels and Interchangeable Parts. Internal components of the RIO are accessible through easy to remove body panels. This allows for quick fixes and less downtime for the machine.

  • Rugged Design. RIO machines are very durable and appealing with their rugged frame.

  • Anti-siphon Valve. Preventing milk from being sucked into the boiler when a vacuum occurs, the valve avoids the unsavory and expensive process of removing and cleaning the boilers.

  • Tall Legs. Ensures counter can be kept clean underneath machine, these save time and awkward maneuvering. Clean counters are not only appreciated by health inspectors, they are a confidence-builder for customers, too.

  • NSF, UL, ETL Approvals. Health department regulations and standards are already met so machine is ready for operation at time of installation. This saves you significant time during the inspection process.

Rio Automatic Pricing:

Model(s): Junior 2 Group 2 Group Compact 3 Group 4 Group
MSRP: $5170.00 $7740.00 Price not available $9470.00 $11510.00
Our Price: $4136.00 $6192.00 Call for pricing $7576.00 $9208.00

Rio Semi-Automatic Pricing:

Model(s): Junior 2 Group 2 Group Compact 3 Group 4 Group
MSRP: $4420.00 $6080.00 Call for Pricing $7680.00 $9180.00
Our Price: $3536.00 $4864.00 Call for pricing $6144.00 $7344.00

Rio Specifications:

Model(s): Junior 2 Group 2 Group Compact 3 Group 4 Group
Height (NSF): 23 in. 23 in. 23 in. 23 in. 23 in.
Width: 14 in. 28 in. 20 in. 38 in. 47 in.
Depth: 22 in. 22 in. 22 in. 22 in. 22 in.

Cup Height
(Bayonet to tray):

5.75 in. 5.75 in. 5.75 in. 5.75 in. 5.75 in.
Shipping Wt.: 145 lbs 200 lbs 165 lbs 280 lbs 330 lbs
Boiler Capacity: 5L 10.5L 7L 17L 23L
Voltage: 110V 220V 110/220V 220V 220V
Element Wattage: 2000W 4000W 2000W 3700W 5000W
Rated Amperage: 17 Amps 20 Amps 19.4 Amps 17.5 Amps 30 Amps

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